Shuguang EL34B valve


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Shuguang EL34B valve specifications

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Shuguang EL34B valve

Please note: All power valves are matched as standard at no extra cost.

This higher powered Shuguang EL34B valve features a slightly larger bottle (hence-B abbreviation) & the harmonic content is rich along with bags of sustain that guitarists love. The sound is loud and clear with a very nice sonic range. The tube is not excessive in tops, mids, or bass & they are accurately described as well balanced. This premium grade EL34 valve has proven reliability & low microphonics & has proved to be very popular with Marshall valve amp owners!

These Chinese valves have a superb construction.
A dependable replacement for any valve amplifier!

Additional info:
Shuguang EL34B valve (Audio valve/tube)
For guitar amplifiers or HiFi.
Brand new & boxed direct from the Shuguang factory in China.
Tested at the factory & thoroughly tested again by us before dispatch.