Guitar setup & repair prices

The guitar repair prices included below should be used as a guide only. We can give quotations (estimates) on various guitar repairs, based on our rate of £30 per hour (excluding materials). All prices listed include VAT at 20%.

We cannot list every possible repair available so please contact us if you require additional pricing information. Many of the procedures listed include set-up costs & the guide price will reflect this. We do recommend correct setting up of instruments on certain installations (see guitar repairs page for details). Please contact us if you would like more information on our guitar repair prices. 


All bills will be settled upon completion of work to your satisfaction. Payment will be required upon collection of instrument(s). We will only dispatch your instrument(s) once payment has cleared (courier service only). You will receive an itemised invoice either by email or when you collect your instrument. This will include details repair work done, parts used & courier fees (if applicable). Details of payment methods below. 

Cash: Accepted when collecting instruments from our repair centres
Paypal: Email address for making Paypal payments:
Bank transfer: (BACs) We accept direct transfers from your bank, (details provided at time of payment).
Credit cards: We accept credit cards via Paypal including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.

Guitar & bass repair prices:

Professional guitar set-ups:
Electric, acoustic & bass guitar setups (no tremolo system) £50+ strings
Tremolo equipped guitars £55 + strings
12 string guitars £55 + strings
Guitar restring:
Acoustic, bass non tremolo guitars £15 + strings
Floyd Rose type tremolo £20 + strings
12 string £25 + strings
Fret dress & set-up:
Complete fret dress & pro set-up £90 + strings
Partial fret dress & pro set-up £55 + strings
Re-fretting, including pro set-up. (Add £60 for Stainless Steel).
Rosewood, Ebony & similar unbound from £180
Bound fingerboard from £200
Re-fret & lacquer Maple fingerboard from £270
Partial re-fret & dress (maximum 5 frets, after which full re-fret is needed) from £85
Guitar headstock break repair:
Re-glue & finish from £80
Re-glue, splint & finish from £150
Reset guitar neck angle (Including set-up)
Electric bolt-on £65
Acoustic guitar (dovetail joint) £250
Acoustic guitar bolt-on neck £160
Replacement top-nuts (Normally combined with a set-up)
Moulded pre-slotted. Bone, Brass, Graphite, Tusq (Graphtech) £25 + cost of nut
Uncut blank (custom spacing). Bone, Brass, Graphite, Micarta £30 + cost of nut
Compensated nut (better intonation) £40 + cost of nut
Replacement acoustic saddles (Including set-up)
Acoustic (non electro). Compensated pre-cut. Bone, Tusq, Micarta £50 + cost of saddle
Electro acoustic. Compensated pre-cut. Bone, Tusq, Micarta £55 + cost of saddle
Acoustic guitar repairs:
Re-attach lifted bridge (Including set-up) from £120 + parts
Loose braces (providing there is no other humidity damage or warping) £20 per brace
Cracks, splits & other structural damage from £30 then hourly rate.
For acoustic guitar neck resets please see (reset neck angle) higher up page
Pickup installations:
Same size with no routing. £40 for first one – £15 each additional + parts
Routing required to guitar body. £50 for first one – £20 each additional + parts
Replace/upgrade under saddle transducer (including set-up) £65 + parts
Install Piezo bridge system (including set-up) from £70 + parts
Acoustic preamp installation inc under saddle transducer (including set-up) from £70 + parts
Electronic repairs:
Replacement of switch, pot, input jack socket etc £20+ parts. Add £10 for archtop type guitars.
Rewiring on electric guitar or bass from £40 + parts. Add £20 for archtop type guitars
Full screening of control cavity (reduce hum & interference) from £40
Custom electronic modifications:
All electronic modifications are charged at our hourly rate. As a guide, a kill switch may only take half an hour to install & would cost £20 which is our minimum fee. On the other hand, a coil tapping mod with series parallel switching would take well over an hour (£30+) Please contact us for a quote if you are considering custom wiring mods to your instrument. 
Installation of bridges & tremolo systems:
Replace bridge. Strat, Tele, tune-o-matic Gibson etc. (set-up optional) from £30 + parts
Bigsby tremolo & similar (set-up required) from £75 + parts
Floyd Rose type tremolo. Replace existing & no routing (set-up required) from £75 + parts
Floyd Rose type tremolo. Routing work to guitar (set-up required) from £180 + parts

Guitar paintwork & re-finishing:

[important]Please note: Our instrument refinishing service is temporarily unavailable.   [/important]

Finishes available are nitro-cellulose, acrylic, polyurethane, various stains, oil type & natural finishes. 
Sprayed finishes can be matt, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss.
The prices below are only a guide & do not include a strip back fee*. We advise contacting us via email if you have a re-finishing requirement. For finish quotes on through neck guitars like Les Pauls, Gretsch, Rickenbacker etc please contact us. For blank bodies & necks the preparation fees will be available upon request & will depend on condition of parts being painted.  
Block colour from £200
Metallic/pearlescent from £300
2 or 3 tone sunburst from £300
Rub down worn top-coat apply clear lacquer & polish from £150
Stripping finish back to wood from £80 depending in time required*
Custom work. Please contact us.
Block colour from £65
Metallic/pearlescent from £85
Sunburst from £90
Rub down worn top-coat apply clear lacquer & polish from £70
Stripping finish back to wood from £40 depending on time required*
Fixed & through-neck type guitars (Les Paul, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, PRS etc) contact us
Scratch plates, knobs, pickup covers & various parts:
Scratch plates from £35 depending on colour type
Knobs & various components (contact us)
The cost of inlay takes into account any re-finishing and/or other processes necessary. For example, inlaying the fingerboard requires that the frets be lifted before inlay and re-fretted after the inlay has been levelled. Inlay on body or headstock will almost always need some local re-finishing work.
Fingerboard inlay:
Block or split block inlay (Gibson style) from £225
Custom inlay pattern or personal graphic from £250
Headstock inlay:
Graphic or logo etc from £125

Amplifier valves/tubes:

Please see our on-line valve shop for pricing on amplifier valves/tubes.