JJ ECC83S valve (12AX7)


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JJ ECC83S valve

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JJ ECC83S valve (12AX7)

JJ ECC83S valve 12AX7 (Preamp valve/tube)
It’s a fact that JJ electronic preamp valves are one of the best for rock & blues!
The JJ ECC83S valve does high gain effortlessly with low microphonics & minimal noise. The dynamic response & harmonics jump out whilst the tone remains full & clear under overdriven conditions without losing definition, essential for high gain lead lines.
We like this preamp valve & include it in many of our kits due to its versatile tonal range when used in either clean or distorted applications. A big favourite with Marshall & Fender tube amp owners.

JJ valves are built to exacting standards with stringent quality control & feature minimal noise & low microphonics.

Additional info:
JJ ECC83S valve (equivalent to 12AX7)
Audio valve/tube
For guitar amplifiers or HiFi.
Brand new & boxed direct from the JJ Electronic factory in Slovakia.
Tested at the factory & thoroughly tested again by us before dispatch.
Phase splitter & V1 position testing available upon request.