Coronavirus precautions:

We now have temporary procedures in place to try & minimise the risk of infection from COVID19. We are abiding by the governments current social distancing measures & want to do all we can to ensure your safety as a customer & our safety as a business. Please see our COVID19 policy below:


All appointments to visit our workshops will continue to be on a pre arranged basis. Customers will no longer be allowed to enter our workshops or premises. Any work details will be gathered via telephone or email prior to dropping instruments off. You will kindly be asked to deliver your instrument to a designated outside front area of our premises.

Receipt of delivery:

A receipt will be issued once you have dropped off your instrument for repair. Please keep this in case you are unable to collect in person & need someone else to collect on your behalf.


As with initial appointments & instrument drop off, customers will not be allowed into our workshops or premises. You will kindly be asked to collect your repaired instrument from a designated outside front area of our premises on a pre arranged basis. All our repairs are guaranteed which covers adjustments & other procedures if needed. Terms & conditions for our guarantees are listed at the bottom of each category on our website


For peace of mind you may prefer to have your instrument or amplifier collected by our courier service. We can arrange collection & return from your home or business address using our local courier in conjunction with the APC overnight fragile service. Costs start at £37.50 (collection & return) for a guitar in hardcase, please enquire directly for amplification transportation costs. Any courier fees will be added to your final bill & can be paid online.


Whilst we normally accept BACS, Paypal & cash as payment methods we would currently prefer to avoid cash payments if at all possible. If you prefer to pay using cash please try to have the correct amount or as close as possible to your repair fee.

Turnover times:

Turnover times are normally 10-14 days for most common repairs. Due to the current COVID19 situation longer delays may be unavoidable. You will be contacted in the event of a significant delay.

Our aim is to carry on providing a great instrument repair service in a safe environment.

Thank you for your business

The Guitarlodge team.